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January 28, 2015

The Railway Chronicle is moving........... 28th January 2015

..Total Railway News
London King's Cross.(C) P.S. Lewis

For the last year or two(!!), The Railway Chronicle has done its best to keep you updated on all railway news, both at home (UK) and overseas..and both ancient(heritage!) and modern (high speed etc).

In order to move with the times, and to achieve a better look and feel to the site, The Railway Chronicle is moving to a new platform (sorry!!)

This platform has become a little congested and disorderly(!!) so our new platform will enable us to freshen up the appearance of the site, and, at the same time, for a very modest cost,  keep you well informed on all the essential global railway news.

Rail Tube is about "Railways, traction, architecture & history News: modern or heritage diesel, tram/light transit systems, freight, structures, history, disused – all told in your words, Videos and Images"

The Railway Chronicle thanks you for your support so far, and hopes that you will, quite naturally, follow us across to Rail Tube

In the coming weeks, we hope to include filmed interviews with important industry figures and commentators...

If you would like to make contributions (articles etc)...regularly, or otherwise, do please let us know.

Rail Tube has access to several well known railway writers and commentators, and has been able to forge links with key industry leaders...Hopefully, this will enable Rail Tube to offer some insider insights to industry developments and decisions..

Meantime, thank you for reading our modest publication...
See you on the new platform!!

Peter S Lewis  (Editor, The Railway Chronicle)